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Stand designs that draw attention with their physical design and the product display style…
It is divided into 2 categories.

a. Stands Made of Coated Chipboards:
These stands that do not necessitate dyeing are installed more quickly than the ones made of chipboard and dye. The most important disadvantage of this system is that lines can be seen where the chipboards coalesce. The most important advantage is that the stand walls can easily be cleaned.

b. Stands Made of Chipboard + Dye:
The most important advantage of these stands made of chipboard which plaster is applied on and then dyed is that joints are under no circumstances seen. The most important advantage is that installation takes longer. These stands are preferred more as they look more stylish than coated chipboards.

Points to Consider When Ordering Stands Made of Chipboard + Dye

– Ask for the visuals that will be applied on the stand to be applied on the FOREKS; orange peel will occur under the visual if it is applied directly on the surface of your exhibition stand.
– Select in advance the color in the color catalog (RAL catalog).
– Smoothing the plaster prior to dyeing will help your stand look more elegant.


In accordance with the needs of your company, your elegant and different Wooden Exhibition Stand that is designed in minute detail and will best present you to your customers and competitors is prepared by our design group.